About Zena

Zena is a passionate, energetic, full of life youthful woman and artist. Her moto is “My true state of being - Youth”. She is a Theta Healer/Teacher, Advanced Reflexologist, Yoga Teacher, also she has a PhD in Chemical Science in Russia.

Zena is just pure Magic. Her sessions changes people’s lives, courses guide her students even deeper and help to transform their lives and learn how to inspire and help others. 


In 1986 Zena was diagnosed with radiation poisoning from an explosion in Chernobyl (Russia) where she worked as a Chemical Scientist. She knew she needed to start a new life of health and wellness and moved to Australia in 1987. Her interest in alternative healing started here.

In 1999 she traveled to Brazil and worked with John of God in his healing center in Rio de Janeiro. At this time she cleared a melanoma she had on her face. After she completely cleared all the heavy metal, cholesterol, diabetes 2 and liko sclerosis from her body. This was the catalyst for her intense curiosity about natural therapies including reflexology, and she opened her first healing business “Heavenly Feet” in Melbourne shortly after, which is now owned by her daughter Julia. In her desire to go to a cellular level of healing she came across ThetaHealing®. 


Basic Theta Healing
Advanced Theta Healing
Dig Deeper
Manifesting & Abundance
Rainbow Children
Intuitive Anatomy
Rhythm to a Perfect Weight
Diseases & Disorders
Soul Mate
Growing Your Relationship


After I find the key to the soul, things can change very quickly

I use five different modalities to wake up the body so that a natural shift can occur.
From the moment of conception one’s energy and power to heal DNA (historic genetic code) and core soul, can be integrated together to change a negative source such as childhood problems, abuse issues, weight issues, separation, financial problems and family marriage issues to positive space and move forward with an open heart and the ability to love yourself.

Zena is the most incredible healer I’ve ever been to..

As soon as I met her I felt at ease, relaxed and safe. She has helped me to clear the unwanted blockages that I wanted to let go of.
Since meeting Zena my life has completely changed. Everything I’ve ever dreamt of has come to reality! It is a real blessing to have connected with her. Not only will I continue to see her through out my life as a healer but she is now a dear friend who I respect and love very much. I truly recommend booking a session with her.


About Zena's Session

A private consultation is a great opportunity to work with a certified and experienced ThetaHealer® practitioner one on one addressing your own individual issues. It is one of the most effective and quickest ways to heal.

A ThetaHealing® consultation is non-evasive and does not involve physical contact.This means it can take place face to face or over the phone/Skype.

ThetaHealing® can be applied to every aspect of our lives, including:

  • Recovering from broken relationships

  • Fulfilling Relationships ( improving relationships with partners, family and co-workers)

  • Manifesting Soul Mate

  • Clearing blocks and manifesting success in both business and Career

  • Job of your Dreams/ Dream Income

  • Enhancing or opening up your Intuitive and healing abilities

  • Clearing blocks to prosperity

  • Releasing past trauma and abuse(physical, emotional and sexual)

  • Living your Life Purpose • Releasing resentment, grudges, and prejudices

  • Identify and clear past life memories

  • Self Esteem and Confidence

  • Clearing blocks to true Happiness and Excitement about life


Below is a list of conditions that the ThetaHealing® technique has helped people to recover from but not limited to:

  • Broken bone

  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

  • Torn ligaments

  • Burns

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Addictions (eg. alcohol, smoking, cocaine, gambling and more)

  • Phobias (eg. spiders, flying, cyclones)

  • A Variety of Cancers

  • Cholesterol

  • Heart Problems

  • Back Pain

  • Diabetes

  • Arthritis

  • Depression

  • Pneumonia

Treatments by renowned and highly certified healer, Zena Gourevitch are now available at the Zena Theta Healing Centre in Byron Bay
— 4/95 Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Consultation Rates

$200/ 1.5h

Skype Sessions are available