"Zena is the most incredible healer I’ve ever been to. As soon as I met her I felt at ease, relaxed and safe. She has helped me to clear the unwanted blockages that I wanted to let go of.
Since meeting Zena my life has completely changed. Everything I’ve ever dreamt of has come to reality! It is a real blessing to of connected with her. Not only will I continue to see her through out my life as a healer but she is now a dear friend who I respect and love very much. I truly recommend booking a session with her. " Kristal

“Throughout my life I always felt a deep sense of sadness. Other people commented on it, but I never thought I could do anything about it. Zena was able to trace this feeling back to my experience of life in the womb. She then asked for it to be sent to Creator’s light, and for a new feeling to be introduced – happiness! I started to experience the true essence of what it meant to be happy as the session finished up, and I walked away practically skipping, seeing everything and everyone in a new light. I can’t believe I waited 32 years for this! I am so grateful to Zena for helping me unlock one of my deepest issues. She is a truly warm and compassionate healer, and I love the way she massages your feet while you receive the healing!”

Angeline Meloche

“I have had many healing sessions and nothing comes close to the beautiful Zena. Instant results, more joy and profound shifts. She is truly gifted and magical in the way she works. If you want real life change-see Zena. Thank you gorgeous woman for your talents and love.”


“Today is my second session with Zena, my mind is clear, my heart full of love, blockages dissolved and I’m experiencing an overall feeling of well-being. Since seeing Zena my life has taken some amazing new turns. My business is booming, healing of relationships with friends and family and am no longer experiencing anxiety or depression. I have also given up smoking! Thank you Zena for your healing hands, kind words, support & love. You have and amazingly beautiful gift! ”


“I came to Zena one morning, just passed through her place with my shopping bags, and we started talking. I immediately felt that I had to come back. What I did. Zena gave me all the answers I needed to heard since such a long time. I needed to meet her, I felt that she could heal me. Now I just keep all her beautiful words and energy within myself, and start to walk my life, trust in my feet and heart. Thank you Zena for everything.”


“Dear Zena,
It’s been a pleasure to meet you. I feel like I know you and that we have a connection from long ago. I am blessed that trough your pain and healing journey, I am leaving and coming to know my true self. Thank you for sharing your gifts of healing with me. You have a beautiful heart and energy. I look forward to learning the ThetaHealing® with you in the workshop.”

Love, Michelle xx.

“I have had two wonderful ThetaHealing® sessions with Zena; a lot moved after both sessions- I feel I have walked through a lot of “old stuff” that still needed final resolving. Now I feel much lighter, very calm, aligned and grounded. An absolute great embodied feeling. Thanks Zena for your wonderful taking hands and your marvelous, loving support.”


“I was recommended to see Zena from a friend of a friend, stating that she was absolutely profound. I was very eager to have some work done as I had some family and personal problems. I immediately knew I was in the right place! Zena made me feel comfortable straight away and a lot of inner emotions came through. I was finally able to let go and the feeling of forgiveness and complete acceptance and that everything was ok.
Thank you Zena! You’re beautiful powers and Thetahealing® techniques truly helped me and I want to learn how to do it too.
I will be back, over and over again. Thank you! ”

Love from Crystal xxx

“Being a tasked focused individual, it is very easy task to power through the day, making sure that every task is achieved. This can happen one day to another. During Meridian Therapy, I enjoy letting the minds thoughts take over. Thoughts racings; thoughts come to the fore front, which are shut out day to day; and some are just clear and singular.
Experience that needs to be experienced.”


“Dear Zena,
Thank you for been sent at a much needed time of my life. You have appeared when the releasing of my past was needing much healing to enable me walk freely into the new phase of my life full of love, peace, joy, healing and prosperity. Thank you for helping me.
God bless you!”


“I didn’t realize how tired I was until I came her. After my first treatment I had more energy & excitement. I thought that I was going to bubble over with it. It was hard finding others to share the energy with. My body feels healthier. Thank you for giving me back my energy and fun for life and living. I share it with everyone I come into contact with, and recommend it to everyone.
Thank you again!”


“Thank you, Zena!
I have and will continue to highly recommend you & your healing ability. You truly are a very special soul. Since having Theta healing with Zena, I have stopped smoking (a 22 year habit). Feel free, calm grounded, energized and very happy to be working right next door to you!
I have had many healing sessions and nothing comes close to the beautiful Zena. Instant results, more joy and profound shifts. She is truly gifted and magical in the way she works. If you want real life change-see Zena.
Thank you gorgeous woman for your talents and love,”

Tracey xx

“I came to Zena in emotional turmoil and through her healings and later courses have became clear, calm and totally in control of my place in the world. I feel full of life and totally inspired. Thank you Zena! She is highly recommended! The Best!”



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