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Dig Deeper Theta Healing / Глубинные Pаскопки Инструкторский курс

“Dig Deeper” is a powerful, intensive 2 day workshop on using the digging technique. In this class, you will have an opportunity to gain an indepth and deeper understanding of one of the most important processes in ThetaHealing. The secret to a successful healing on yourself or others is in the digging process! This exceptional class will focus on clearing blockages around your ability to dig on yourself, your clients or others. If you’re a teacher this will give you the confidence in teaching your students how to dig on themselves more effectively.

Digging is the tool we use to help us find the "bottom program" or the belief that holds a condition in place. This also includes the Belief and Feeling work. Working on yourself or guiding a client to show you the bottom program is incredibly valuable - whether you can "hear" it from Source or not, learning how to "dig" for the bottom program for any issues or condition is incredibly powerful. Zena will demonstrate how to successfully and easily dig under strong emotions such as sadness, guilt, anger or resentment to clear the most deeply held beliefs. She will also show you how to manifest what you desire using the digging process.

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