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Advanced DNA

Theta Healing



The Advanced course will enhance and accelerate your understanding of ThetaHealing®. Take the next step and expand your knowledge of the most effective, instantaneous and dynamic personal development technique available in the world today. This course will fast track your healing and psychic abilities. You will learn to bring about amazing shifts in consciousness on every level of your being. The Advanced course was designed by Vianna Stibal to foster greater spiritual enlightenment by facilitating and teaching people like yourself to experience the highest spiritual plane of existence where you connect to the pure divine energy.
The Advanced ThetaHealing® course will further enhance your life in miraculous ways. Imagine reaching a state of true harmony, spirituality, emotionally, physically and mentally. Utilising Advanced ThetaHealing® technique you can actualise and materialise your desires into reality.



Program - 3 days



  • Journey through the 7 planes of existence

  • Receive comprehensive insights of how to leverage the 7 planes of existence for healing and manifestation

  • Learn to change feelings instantly, so you can transform negative emotions such as sadness, despair, guilt and anger into love, compassion, happiness and joy

  • Experience miraculous healing techniques such as mending a broken soul and sending love to the baby in the womb

  • Channel your Higher Self, Ascendant Masters and Divine Wisdom

  • Meet and speak with your Ancestors Manipulation of time and space, so you can experience 8 hours of sleep in only 3!


  • Transmute free-floating thought forms from surgery, abuse and trauma

  • Master scanning, clearing and programming crystals

  • Facilitating healing on pets and animals

  • Discover how ThetaHealing® can be applied to non organic matter such as businesses, jobs, group consciousness, investments and houses

  • Simplifying the ThetaHealing® process to instantly see miraculous results


Imagine reaching a state of true spiritual harmony. By utilising the Advanced ThetaHealing® technique you can actualise and materialise your desires into reality.


Located in Byron Bay we have 2 rooms to choose from in a clean, homely environment. All room share a communal living and dining area that opens up onto an expansive deck and garden. We are 5 min away from Tallow Beach, the village bakery and shops. Byron Bay town is a quick 5min trip by car, bus or bike.


Accommodation Includes

  • Private Bath, Garden Views, Walk in Wardrobe, Modern Suite, Queen Size Bed

  • Explore Byron Bay

  • Beaches, Markets,

FROM $70.00 / Per Person / per night



Morning Tea, Refreshments & Snacks

Advanced DNA 2 course manual

ThetaHealing® Practitioner certificate (on completion of the course) 


$640 - deposit $200

Early Bird Discount - $600

Repetition $320

Have questions about the course or accommodation?

We are happy to help and would love to hear from you. Please contact us below 

I now believe in my own abilities, these last few days have changed me intrinsically into a healer
— Deb Advanced DNA